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With the development of the crypto market, we encountered many different innovations. While each project offers us alternative innovations, the teams’ knowledge has brought other solutions. The crypto dream that started with Bitcoin is now continuing with very successful projects and renewing itself. Nowadays, many alternative projects have reached a very fast process level and low mining consumption. As a matter of fact, mining systems have started to change shape rapidly. In the past, mining through video cards has now left itself to very simple and integrated systems. Users can easily participate in mining activities through their computers or via vps servers.

The projects found many methods of value protection. Some projects supported their projects through reimbursement, while others reduced circulating amounts of coins through burns. Teams that do not support their projects have disappeared from this market. The crypto exchanges, which are the intermediary systems that provide the exchange of crypto assets, have their own problems. A large part of the transactions carried out on these exchanges are carried out by the bots. Users can not catch up with the movement of these boats are undergoing great damage. In addition, the interfaces of these exchanges are quite complex and difficult to understand for newcomers. Users are forced to do a lot of money until the first digital money. Exchanges that do not support users are not interested in many investors’ problems.

Purpose Of Daxico

The stock exchanges that require users to ticket against their problems do not respond to them. Users cannot see the amount they gain or lose because of the systems of the exchanges that prevent users from seeing the transactions in their accounts. This is one of the main and the most wanted by the stock markets. This is no demand from the users when depositing money in the stock market when it comes to withdrawing from the users want a lot of things.

The Daxico team, which took the first place from the problems of the public exchanges, set out to set up a payment system and a crypto money exchange. It is almost impossible to hack into the Daxico stock exchange with a system equipped with successful security equipment and servers. Daxico aims to be a first in this field, which will establish a large customer relationship team to solve the problems of users.

Advantages of Daxico System

Multi Wallet Usage

With this multi-tier wallet system, users can open and manage multiple accounts. Especially families or companies who want to evaluate their savings in the crypto market can use this feature at the same time with more than one person can be connected to the stock market. they can browse.

High Security

In recent years, users’ funds have been stolen, especially through telephone or mail fraud. These hackers steal users’ accounts via mail. The Daxico system does not store any data of users in its own ecosystem. Users can recover their wallets with the provided password. The reason for using this system instead of Private Key is that it is more memorable and easier to implement. This stock market, which does not require sms or e-mail verification, is at the forefront of users’ security. It also supports Daxico google auth and authy, which allows access to wallets with single-use passwords.

High Dividend Efficiency

Daxico has created an alternative system for its users to make losses and earn money in return for their tokens. Users can make digital money every month as much as the amount of token in their hands. The first day of each month, this fee is calculated by dividing the token number in your wallet and the amount of token in your wallet.

Information and Forum System

For investors who don’t use Telegram and other social media tools, Daxico has brought this solution. In this forum, where every user can share his / her opinion, daily news and detailed analyzes are included. Users can share their own crypto strategies and current events in the crypto market within this forum. Daxico, which has a database based on coinmarketcap and other sites through its graphs, makes it possible for users to receive the earliest news from each event.


The Daxico stock exchange, which has found a high level of liquidity problem in the crypto market, is ready for use. Users can set a separate name for each crypto-money project and put their wallets inside. The details of this successful Swiss project can be found in the following social media channels.

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