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Scams, stiff competition and lack of funds have forced many promising ICO projects out of business in the past few years. CryptoProfile ICO project’s aims to work with ICOs and investors by offering a consolidated marketplace for airdrops and ICOs campaigns. With the platform, ICOs will see their tokens gain popularity worldwide while investors will benefit from airdrops and other rewards.

CryptoProfile: The Ecosystem where Everyone Benefits

CryptoProfile isn’t your regular airdrop website. It’s a blockchain-based ecosystem whose goal is to stimulate interest for new, innovative ICO projects. Their business plan is straightforward. A new ICO that wants to get involved pays $100,000 for marketing.

CryptoProfile ICO locks $100,000 worth of CryptoProfile tokens (CP) into a smart contract for six months. A marketing campaign is launched to make the new ICO popular. CryptoProfile will also require 10% of the client’s ICO for airdrops. When the client’s ICO is popular enough and gets listed on an acknowledged bitcoin exchange, the USD 100K CP tokens held in a smart contract are released to them.

Registered members on the CryptoProfile platform continuously earns airdrops from ICOs that partner with CryptoProfile. They are paid using CP tokens, which are ERC20 compliant.

A Detailed Whitepaper

CryptoProfile details everything about its ecosystem in a 59-page Whitepaper document. All major details about the project and how CryptoProfile plans to make its ecosystem successful are precisely explained. Illustrations, images, and diagrams further give clear details about CryptoProfile’s airdrop programs, and revenue sharing systems.

As per CryptoProfile’s value proposition, investors, ICOs, bounty hunters and writers work together—and everyone benefits. The only qualification is to hold CP tokens and actively participate in community projects.

Like any respectable Whitepaper, CryptoProfile provides a detailed account of how raised funds will be utilized. 18.6% of the funds will be used as listing fees if the startup only hits it Soft Cap of $1.2 million. The team that provides content on the platform will get 14.5% while the marketing team will receive 14.3%. Sales will receive 10.1% while other departments will share the remaining amount. Further details are also given on how the funds will be used should CryptoProfile hit its Hard Cap of $30.46 million.


Lucrative Market Potential:

The cryptocurrency market is one of the fastest growing industries globally, even at when the market experienced a bear market for the rest of 2018. Though volatile, the infancy of blockchain technology has attracted many in the space, with market capitalizations of the general cryptocurrency market standing in excess of $150 billion.

Novel Economic Model:

CryptoProfile is one of the few projects around that tries to enhance the airdropping mechanism that is unique to the cryptocurrency market. Ensuring that all stakeholders in the ICO marketing process is aligned financially and for the long-term, it adds strong value to their native tokens, CP.

Due Diligence Mechanism:

CryptoProfile’s platform ensures that only credible projects are onboard. Projects will be assessed using a strict standard that consists of its potential viability, technology metrics, team strength, and token utility. This is a positive point since the credibility of CryptoProfile’s platform is only as strong as the credibility of the individual ICO projects within the ecosystem.

Business Model: CP Token

CryptoProfile doesn’t plan to take any profits made from marketing ICOs on their platform. If anything, the company will return 100% of profits made. To make money, the ICO marketing startup will leverage the growth of CP tokens.

The CryptoProfile ecosystem will be powered by CP tokens. Whether it’s a new ICO that wants its marketing services or airdrop investors—owning CP is a requirement in the ecosystem. Team members, including employees, will earn a portion of CP tokens. And as the ecosystem grows, they can sell them for profits.

Token Distribution

Both the CryptoProfile website and the Whitepaper explains in details how the startup plans to distribute its tokens. The biggest chunk will be distributed in the private sale, pre-sale, and seed 2 ICO campaign stages.

The three phases will see CryptoProfile release 17.7% of their tokens at each stage. The team will get 6.5% while bounty will receive 10%. The main ICO stage will receive 23.5% while Seed 1 will get 2%. CryptoProfile’s Soft Cap is an estimated $1.162 million while the hard cap is $30 million.


Project Stage

At this stage, CryptoProfile is holding a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for its upcoming project. They’ve already built a professional website (their MVP) and a payment gateway for investors. The next stage is to build a test net and hopefully launch the first airdrop in the first quarter of 2019.

Global Team Profile

The CryptoProfile team consists of seven members. Six of them are co-founders while the seventh will act as the startup’s Global Business Development Director. There are no advisors in the company and CryptoProfile says it doesn’t need them since the ICOs will partner with CryptoProfile which will consist of experts and advisors in various niches.

Max Ng—serving as the company’s managing director, Max is one of the six co-founders of the project. He has a background in corporate marketing and brand management. He’s also an educator, a role he has carried out since learning about cryptocurrencies.

Alan Lew—CTO and also a co-founder. Alan boasts of having extensive knowledge in web development for small business enterprises. His main strength is the ability to guide startups to connect with consumers and position their brans appropriately.

Jaclyn Lim — Deputy Managing Director, Co-founder. She is a serial entrepreneur who has led several start-ups, she has in-depth experience coordinating and implementing administrative strategies in a timely manner. Her management skills include content management, initiating new client relationships, managing deal pipelines and providing marketing support to existing and potential clients.

Charles Ram — Sales & Marketing Director, Co-founder. He a former Singapore ‘Pools as Lottery’ Agent where he was engaged for over 30 years. He has also been the owner of ‘Goshcomfort’ for 23 years and has received numerous awards from Spirit of Enterprise. Since he always had a knack for marketing, he attended many courses in the same field and started crypto investments two years ago.

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