Hi Guys ! all of you know I always bring you the information about good crypto related projects through my blog. So today I'm going to introduce you a new cryptocurrency based project called IRONX

Crypto investors and traders are always concern about the security of their funds and data before chosing any Exchange for trading, many Exchanges has been established recently with the promise to provide traders with a highly secured trading platform, but this problems still persist, many traders have lost their fund to some Exchange, perhaps they might have vowed not to trade anymore. It is on this background the IRONX project elvoved.

What is IRONX ?

IRONX is one of the results of developing the blockchain industry that experiences better performance and good ideas, based on a system that allows investors to be more open to symbolic investment. As one of the first blockchain platforms to be produced, the company wants to help investors care more about the economic weaknesses experienced by many people around the world in a concept of reciprocal assistance as an investment that can be used by users on this registered blockchain platform. The essence of some important points of the IRONX platform is that most registered investors and potential investors will start their business on the entire platform.

Founded in 2010, IronFX is the world's leading online forex trading brand, with 10 trading platforms and more than 200 tradable instruments. IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from more than 180 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America and provides support for more than 30 different languages. The group is authorized and regulated by four major regulators in the world FX, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSCA (South Africa) and CySEC (Cyprus).

Introducing IronX Exchange

IronX Exchange is exploring the possibility of bridging the gap between traditional finance and the world of crypto trading by addressing the challenges mentioned earlier with effectiveness and experience. IronX Exchange can, thus, facilitate the entry of new users into crypto trading by increasing the ease of entry with the right base, higher efficiency, and lower costs.

IronX Project Vision

The IronX Exchange aims to enable a safe and easy transition from the mass retail market to the crypto market. Utilizing existing regulatory and operational practices, processes, solutions and functions that operate in real companies, including, back-office, risk management, account management, and payment and banking solutions, Bursa BesiX will offer customer-focused and quality services .

The IronX Exchange will provide crypto investors who want to diversify their investments direct access to the low asset asset classes offered on the IronFX Group trading platform (such as spot FX, CFDs, stocks, futures, commodities, indices), including the ability to leverage higher leverage than usually when trading on the IronFX Group trading platform.


Ultra-Hight performance architecture for handling global scale industries.
Accelerated performance; 1million traders per second.
Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
Hight-grade security and data protection.
Simple systems management.
Constant, yop-of-the-line system performance.
Error detection codes on all records.
Always active, dynamic database.
Comprehensive customer coverage and service offerings.
Quick failover support.
Simple systems management.
HFT capable systems.
Monitoring and alert.
Seamless fail-safe mode.
Easy FIAT-to-Crypto purchasing capabilities.

Token Detail

Ticker IRX
Token type ERC-20
ICO Token Price $0.42
Total Tokens 500,000,000
Token Sale: 01 November — 15 December 
Available for Token Sale 150,000,000
Min/Max Personal Cap $100
Accepts BTC, ETH, Wire (EUR, USD, JPY)


 IRX is an exchange coin. This is the ERC-20 utility token that will function as the main coin that supports system usage. Users will have the freedom to choose between paying their expenses, like the cost of trading, the transaction currency, and, paid in tokens IRX. Fees paid in tokens IRX will bring a discount on the exchange in accordance with the table below, which gives incentives to traders who often use IRX for all costs and transactions.

IronX believes that with a solid and dependable team and system, IronX can provide Users, a secure exchanges service and provide users with various benefits and simplicity in the development of the applications they run. The IronX team also believes that with systematic and professional development, the IronX Team can build a better platform than similar platforms.


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