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Neluns is the innovative financial ecosystem, combining within itself a bank that can work with fiat and cryptocurrencies, as well as a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company, creating the best conditions for the quality development of the cryptocurrency market, inflow of new participants and capital.

What the project offers

The developed services and tools are the advantages of the project and with their help it is possible to do the following:

  • Actively trade on the exchanges at any time under the conditions of high protection against cyber and under the supervision of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC);
  • The presence of debit and credit cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express 4 types: Lite, Silver, Gold and Platinum;
  • Receive credits both in Fiat and in cryptocurrency;
  • To receive additional profit from crediting of funds on a credit platform of one rank (P2P) to its users;
  • Activity on the platform is encouraged by additional benefits;
  • NLS Trading and Token Exchange brings profit;
  • It is possible to open a multi account IBAN;
  • Make all kinds of payments, transfers and purchases cryptocurrency around the clock anywhere in the world;
  • To store, insure and receive dividends on their deposits.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

In September 2018, the application Neluns for IOS and Android will be ready and will be released on the world stage, with the help of which it will be possible to work with cryptocurrency and fiat money directly from the smartphone. Developers promise a convenient and intuitive interface that can show the user not only his current balance in US dollars, euro, GBR, as well as in cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and XEM with the subsequent addition of new tokens, and make the most Popular and demanded trading operations.On the Neluns platform the user can perform all banking and exchange operations around the clock, from anywhere in the world, if necessary, with the help of the support service, for example:
  • Get the unique identifier of the seller, linked to the account;
  • Have access to personal and corporate accounts;
  • To buy and sell cryptocurrency assets;
  • Receive and issue credits;
  • To exchange all kinds of currencies among themselves;
  • To make trade operations;
  • Transfer funds and cryptocurrency assets;
  • Receive interest and dividends.

NLS token distributions

During the ICO, 200 000 000 NLS tokens will be released
Base price of 1 NLS token = 1 USD
Token name NLS
Platform Ethereum
Standard ERC-20
Token amount 200 000 000 NLS
Hard Cap 112 000 000 USD
Base price of one token 1 USD

Neluns development team 

Leaders of the team are professionals and specialists in the field of banking and technology development blockchain, marketing, Big Data and Business Development, Network Engineering and Software Engineering, who have experience in these areas for more than 10 years Each. Before creating the project the team conducted a great preparatory work to study the traditional financial system with its banks and modern achievements of blockchain-technology in this sphere. The result was a new kind of bank, where both Fiat and cryptocurrency are located in equal conditions.


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