Advertisemen is reliable lottery platform that attracts on a blockchain basis. Users should buy tickets through virtual currency and proceed with the sport, and also the prizes ar mechanically distributed per the winnings. One are going to be able to freely use the worth obtained through purchase or winning by exploitation numerous game services and distribution system, that provides users with a chance to extend their price.

Structure of Tambola.

the essential structure was came upon aiming at maintaining and raising the worth of through active circulation of lottery coins. so as to use the service of lottery, coins ought to be used, and also the used coins are collected to the funds and distributed often to correct places, that the coins can flow into swimmingly.

What is EOS?

EOS may be a blockchain platform for the event of localised applications (dapps), the same as Ethereum in perform. … It provides an entire software package for localised applications targeted on the net with services like user authentication, cloud storage, and server hosting.

Tombola with EOS deity DAWN. plans to make coins and serve platforms supported EOS deity to resolve the issues of existing block chain lottery and game services. supported Greek deity blockchain good Contractor system, once the terms of the contract ar met, it’s designed to mechanically send the number of cash at the right time to the suitable location. EOS deity has the advantage of having the ability to handle several comes per second and not having to pay money for the Gas Fee the user should use most frequently. Thus, users will eliminate the burden of double payment of fees and receive rewards quickly.

Tombola’s game

1. Black and White.

lottery Black and White, a plan of instant lottery, may be a quite camp choice game. this is often a game wherever one amongst the 2 camps of Black and White is selected; setting a conclusion camp with a five hundredth likelihood for every flip, the user should choose a camp among the turnaround. Players United Nations agency selected a conclusion camp receive a prize of one.98 times the price ticket and also the alternative players United Nations agency selected the defeated camp lose their tickets. it’s a good game within which no manipulation will present itself as a result of all users taking part within the lottery rounds decide win/lose with even odds.

2. Turtle Chase.

Turtle Chase may be a game wherever 3 turtles opt for one turtle to bet in associate degree exciting running race. Users build a bet by selecting between the red, green, and blue turtles among the preparation time. A game within which a user’s alternative of turtle wins a race is paid two.97 times of gambling quantity. and if a turtle loses the race, the user loses gambling quantity. it’s a good game wherever no manipulation will present itself as a result of all the players United Nations agency participate within the game spherical conceive to win or lose by constant result.

3. Dice 3

Dice3, a game of the way to predict and match the total of the 3 dice beforehand, permits the user to line the catch price and choose up and down. The user will flip the dice 3 times in total, and once the total of the 3 dice is three to ten, the result’s Down. and once the total of the 3 dice is eleven to eighteen, the result’s Up. as an instance, the user game Down before creating a move, and also the initial dice gets three, the second dice gets four, and also the third dice get two, and also the total is nine. therefore, the full is beneath ten. So, Player get one.98 times of gambling quantity.

4. 5/20 SPEED keno.

The winning rate is above the lottery 6/45, because the winning chance is lower if the 5 of the twenty numbers ar hit. The second and third, fourth winners are going to be paid beforehand, twenty % are going to be turned over to consequent game, ten % are going to be excluded as a fee, and every one cash are going to be received by the jackpot.

Why is Tombola game fair? creates a hash price with seeds that square measure arbitrarily generated within the EOS deity chain and with seeds within the player. The generated hash price uses the rule to calculate the results of the sport. and every one results square measure recorded within the block chain.

Worldwide lottery program.

Today, the lottery trade has become one among the most important industries within the world. proportion of market share of the lottery on-line lottery looks a big growth per annum. currently use the world’s public currency to challenge the world’s greatest prize.


Dividend: Tombola has a strategy to keep their Token holders satisfied and happy and this is through their dividend. This dividend is shared to all Tombola shareholders and will be generated from 50% of their game revenue. In addition, 10% of all lottery also goes to the their Token holders.

Token: Tombola makes available a token that will be used for betting and other activities on their platform. This token will not be acquired at a price, rather it comes at no fees. Also, the Tombola platform utilizes both ETH and BTC as well.

Blockchain: The Blockchain makes the Tombola platform free of malpractices. All games will be fair and the results obtained will be secured on the blockchain where everyone can see it and also where it cannot be tampered with.

Benefit Of Tombola

Tombola is one lottery and gambling platform that gives their users the opportunity to make their ticket purchase with the use of digital asset in order to play games. All winners on the Tombola platform will receive an immediate disbursement of their winnings as the platform will not delay in payment. Also, those who qualify for payment will be paid in full, without any deduction from their winnings.


Tombola will provide various games for their users as well as different features that will help users to maximize their platform. Tombola will add value to all who make use of their services and it will indeed be a better system for the gambling and lottery market.

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