All through the present reality, as another day immerges, that is the way things gets modernized and progress, new advances, solutions to problems, easier and better way of making things work perfectly with less or no stress at all. Fortunately for me, I am a piece of this age (The 21st Century) which is being presented to new innovation, (The Blockchain Technology/Internet) an innovation where participation, people makes billions. Right now nearly the entire universes are making transactions and online installment starting with one geological region then onto the next effectively with the utilization of advanced cash.

Have you ever imagine doing what you love and get rewarded, well if you ask me it’s such a great feeling and wonderfully this is not just a fairy tale. Ruby Exchange has made this possible; with ruby exchange you can trade your passion and get rewarded for it. You can simply call ruby-x a stone of passion


“Ruby Exchange (Ruby-x) is an advance exchange that’s not only for trading cryptocurrency but also an exchange for funds, technology and information. Ruby is the second most solid gem after diamond. Ruby-x has special qualities and operational uniqueness in which users will enjoy. The inspiring and indispensable nature of Ruby is a support to live completely and grasp the delight of life that is absent in numerous individuals’ lives.

Global Cryptocurrency Exchange Ruby-x

 a new-concept of cryptocurrency exchange that provides both simple currency transactions and funds trading services at the same time, will hold a grand opening event with approximately $10 million worth of prizes and rewards to celebrate the launch of Ruby-x beta service.

Ruby Exchange has announced its main grand opening event, ‘Ruby-x Trading Contest.’ This Trading Contest will proceed over two rounds from August 17 to September 14. Ruby Exchange is currently bringing a giveaway event with many prizes that are much bigger and much more attractive than anything you would have heard before - a MOBILE HOUSE. On top of that, Ruby-x has also prepared many more prizes and awards for the winners, including an opportunity to become a Ruby fund-crypto manager. The rewards will be distributed to those who earn the most profit rate from their trading activities. Besides, a great variety of events are planned for its users, and the total rewards amount sums up to $10 million, including airdrops through telegrams.

Ruby-x is considered to be the safest crypto-exchange, as it provides ‘Cold Wallet’ to its users. Cold Wallets cannot be hacked, while trading cryptocurrency. The users who use the cold wallets with 100% use rate will be able to take a service called “Ruby Vault” from which they can receive a certain amount of fees. Also, Ruby-x will provide the users with a transparent disclosure of transaction fees and histories, in order to keep a transparent exchange platform. One characteristic feature that makes Ruby-x different from any other crypto-exchange is that it will share the profits with its holders by paying them dividends every quarter season. Besides, it will sell a variety of fund products on Ruby platform which will bring profits to the investors, even without making any direct transaction.

RubyX Benefits

There is complete transparency in the transaction disclosures, fee history and access to all data aspects within Ruby-X.

Profit Sharing
The lead RBY token holders will receive an annual share of the profits generated by Ruby-x. The gain could also be held in custody on behalf of the users for future investment or sharing.

The use of cold wallets safeguards the user's details and cryptocurrency from the prying eyes of hackers and malicious individuals.

Comprehensive Trading
The Ruby Exchange will offer advanced trading services that would see the exchange of information, technology, funds and other entities.

Application Of Advanced Technologies
The emphasis on efficiency and security is evident from Ruby-X use of next-generation tech with the likes of AI trading, machine learning capabilities, and a real-time server.

Ruby Token

The Ruby token, RBY, is intended to be the key cash of Ruby Exchange and be utilized to pay all exchange charges with RBY. The forthcoming token deal will be the first and the last open offer of Ruby Exchange, and the members can buy the tokens at its discounted just amid this open deal. The token cost will increment after the deal, and the cost of 1 RBY will be equipollent to USD$0.5, once the official Ruby Exchange is open. Just 10% of the aggregate supply will be accessible to general society on this deal; which is 2 billion out of 20 Billion Ruby tokens with no delicate top.

Token specification details

TOKEN details and ICO distribution

Token name : Ruby

High Value : The price of 1 RBY will be US$0.5 when the official Ex-change is open The token price on the sale will be getting expensive over time.

Only 10% of Total Supply is open for the public The RBY sales will be the first and last sale.On the token sale page / token you could see the details.

200 million Ruby token out of 20 Billion will be on sale .

No soft cap RBY will be paid as fees on Ruby-x.

The key currency of Ruby-x is RBY.

Easily exchangeable The top 5000 RBY holders will be shared the profits of Ruby-x All fees on Ruby-x will be paid in RBY Eventually USDT, ETH, BTC will be replaced by RBY Once the service is re-leased, RBY can be ex-changed with any other listed cryptocurrencies.

The top holders will receive 40% of profits or 10% of revenue, every quarter of each year.Limited Availability$0.5USD

Token simbol RBY

Token decimal 18

Token protocol ERC-20

Total supply 20,000,000,000 RBY

Total liquidity 12,000,000,000 RBY

Crowd sale 200,000,000 RBY

Contract address 0xf7705dee19a63e0bc1a240f723c5c0f570c78572 click on this link to get contact with the token sale.


Ruby-x is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange that could see stiff competition from the myriad of exchange platforms in the market. Despite that fact, Ruby-X remains an exciting exchange to try out and test to see whether it's a suitable option for your crypto trading.


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