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Manual Windows Driver Update 10 - driver means driver or controller. So what is the driver function on the computer? Driver is a software that serves to control hardware or hardware in computers, laptops and notebooks.

Without a driver, our new hardware will not be recognized by the operating system. So it can not be run to perform certain activities. Like a car, will not be able to walk by itself without a driver. Clear enough not to be understood! In basic computer hardware, there are several drivers, including: BIOS driver, audio, chipset, mouse, keyboard, video card, network, webcam, storage. While untk additional hardware, can be a driver scanner, printer, tv and others. Driver for computer there are two kinds. Namely there is a need to install itself, for example using driverpack solution and some are using PLUG and Play system. So once the step immediately appear notice to install the driver. Examples of USB modem drivers, TV tuners and USB WIFI adapters. For this time will explain how to update drivers on windows 10 manually, for you readers are not curious the following way, learn:

First right-click the mouse on windows menu, precisely on the windows logo on the left corner of the bottom of the windows screen;

  • Choose "Device Manager" menu, then will display other menu options consisting of several connection settings for Hardware or Adapter of each hardware.
  • Select the "Display Adapter" menu on the device manager of the windows adapter, there will appear hardware drivers or graphics card installed on your computer or laptop.
  • Right-click on Available Adapter Drivers, then choose "Update Driver" ..

  • Make sure the computer or laptop you are using is connected to a stable internet connection to avoid any errors during installing or updating the latest drivers of the graphics card you are using.
  • Wait until the driver update process is complete, then see if your driver is already on the latest version.

    So for how to Manually Update Windows 10 Driver, hopefully it can be a useful lesson for you all..

    Thank You :D


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