7 How to blacken gray and blush

How to blacken gray hair and blushHow to blacken gray hair and red hair due to natural damage can be found in this article. Black hair usually indicates that her hair is in good condition. So, consider the ways below.

How To Darken Hair With Natural Materials

Not only parents are worried about how to blacken back their already white hair, but many young people are disturbed by the breakdown of their hair so that the color turns reddish. As we know, the color of black hair is typical of Asians in which the color is a sign that the hair is in a healthy condition. That's why here we can peek some natural way to be shared this time.

1. Black Tea

Whatever the problem faced hair, whether it's because of the growth of gray or redness due to damaged hair, black tea is a natural solution that can be considered. Hair care with this material is quite simple; just stay brewing black tea and soak the hair into the tea liquid, finished already. Wait until the tea is cold to dip and soak the hair. Next, let stand a few moments before finally can be rinsed with water at bath time. ( Read 12 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Routine ! )

2. Papaya Seeds

When we eat papaya fruit, of course we will dispose of seeds. Though there is good that can be obtained from papaya seeds as one way to black hair naturally and sparkling. How to treat hair with this material is not difficult, just by roasting papaya seeds and pound it until really soft and add coconut oil and mix it until blended, the concoction is so. The potion can then be applied to the surface of the hair thoroughly and leave about 2 hours before cleaning by rinsing.

3. Oil Pecan

Pecan is indeed part of the kitchen spice and is the ingredient for cooking. But candlenuts have more benefits than just flavorings. Oils are very useful in making hair black and healthy. Because there are good substances in it that nutritious to make hair growth becomes faster, this material can be utilized also by people who have problems of hair loss. Candlenut Oil is very easy to obtain and can be tried as a way to discolor gray hair just by rubbing into all the hair regularly.

4. Shoe Flower Oil

One more oil with good content for reddish hair, fall out and dull, the hibiscus oil is very easy to make herbs. We only need to prepare 5 hibiscus and pound it until smooth, then pour honey to taste enough to hibiscus. After mixing evenly, apply to the hair until smooth and wait a few minutes for the nutrients well absorbed into the hair. Lastly, get rid or just rinse with water.

5. Olive Oil

Another very good oil to make natural black hair and awake health is olive oil. This is how to blacken the hair naturally and permanently without the slightest harmful chemicals. The trick is practical because just enough olive oil to taste all the hair, silence for a while, then use clean water to rinse. Doing it regularly alias every day will give extraordinary results.

6. With Mango Fruit

Mango is not just a fresh and sweet fruit to eat, but mango will also make the hair dull and redness becomes more black and remove the luster. The trick is very simple, just prepare a mango (which is still raw) that has been separated from the seeds. Take also the leaves of mango and both (fruit and leaves) can be directly ground until smooth. Pour the coconut oil to taste and mix it evenly before it is applied to the entire surface of the hair. Wait until 1-2 hours before hair trimming.

7. With Aloe Vera

Aloe vera or also known as aloe vera is not only able to stimulate hair growth, but also useful in making black hair, radiant and healthy always. Mucus or gel can be taken and smeared into the hair until thorough, let stand for a few minutes or at least half an hour for the nutrients to be absorbed perfectly. Only then can hair be rinsed.

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Actually very easy to maintain healthy hair. With the natural ingredients above we can get the black hair we want with ease. For shiny black hair, please try one or several of the ways blacken the hair.

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