Overcoming Guide, Can not Download Google Play Store App

Guide Can not Download Google Play Store App - Hello reader.. this time I will help you to solve problems that you may not solve.

Overcoming Guide Can not Download Google Play Store App

Of course according to the title that can not download applications on google playstore .. why and what causes can not download playsotre application? In this article mostguide will love to know some ways to overcome can not download apps in play store. Let's look at the steps below.

The android solution can not download apps on google playstore:

1. Check the connection stability.

 Make sure your connection is ready to download or in a strong and stable signal condition.

2. Enable Airplane mode.
If your connection is slow or unstable try to use airplane mode for a few minutes, then reactivate internet data.

3. Restart the smartphone.
Probably because excessive use causes your phone connection to be rather bad, try to re-start your smartphone.

4. Stop the application in settings.
Well this is my last solution, let's try to stop google playstore app via phone settings.


- Open the settings menu
- Search for application manager
- Select Google Playstore
- Click stop Apps
- Done

Example Image:

Such is the article on the Guide Overcoming Can not Download Google Play Store App for more or less I apologize if there are words or there is a wrong meaning, Thank you.

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