12 Amazing Benefits of Drinking Black Tea Routine

Benefits of Drinking Black Tea - Black tea is not as popular as green tea, but it is not less of a lot of green tea. Black tea has a lower caffeine content than coffee. Black tea contains antioxidants and phytonutrients that are beneficial for the body to clean toxins.

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Here are the benefits of drinking black tea you need to know :

1. Improve heart health

Black tea helps improve heart health, the flavon content found in black tea. Scientists have proven that they are responsible for better security.

2. Reduce ovarian cancer response

Overcoming ovarian cancer. Black tea contains teaflavin can inhibit the growth of ovarian cancer cells.

3. Reduce the need for diabetes

Scientists have found that type 2 diabetes, the content of catechin and teaflavin is useful to improve the performance of the hormone insulin to treat glucose.

4. Improve bone health

Scientists found that people who drink tea can significantly improve bone, because it's black. Routine drinking black tea and reducing broken bones in the elderly.

5. Reduce the victims of Parkinson's disease

Black tea is rich in polyphenols that have the effect of maintaining the health of the nerves in the brain. A study also showed that caffeine in Parkinson's disease mice.

6. Lower cholesterol

In one study, showed that black helps reduce bad cholesterol / LDL by 11.1%. Black tea has an effect in enhancing the absorption of good cholesterol by the body.

7. Lower blood of kidney stones

The machine can help reduce 8% of having kidney stones. Therefore, you are obliged to every day drink kidney stones.

8. Meremakan asthma disease

Researchers have found that flavonoids in black tea have a beneficial effect on asthma sufferers.

9. Eliminating free radicals from the body

Black tea contains antioxidants and helps eliminate toxic molecules. Black tea with a lemon blend is a good option for Looking at free radicals.

10. Cleaning bacteria from the body

Scientists have discovered that antioxidant and other nutrients have antimicrobial properties. This is one of the health benefits to keep the body infected with various bacteria.

11. Reduce stress

According to a study, black people can reduce stress hormones in the body and function and mrerilekskan nervous system.

12. Maintain oral health

Consumption of black tea can help prevent plaque, cavities and help keep your breath fresh. Black tea has antioxidant properties that help prevent infections in the mouth.


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